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Welcome to Olivedale Retirement Village!
Our website is an easy-to-use place of reference for all matters relating to living in the Village.
View the upcoming events to see what activities are scheduled.
You can also read the rules, find out what the different committees are doing and fill in online application or notification forms.
The various facilities and services available are also featured here.

Issue 2 (February) of our own Olive Branch Newsletter!
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Emergency Numbers:

Service Number
Security (Main Gate) 5400/2005
Frail Care 5011/5010
Doctor 5495
Fire (Hunters Hill)
011 764 2666
Ambulance 10177
Olivedale Hospital 011 777 2000
Ward 101 - Johannesburg North

Ward 101 AreSebetseng (Let us Work) - 25 November 2017
Dear Residents and Stakeholders

A Re Sebetseng is a monthly community cleaning campaign initiated by the Executive Mayor, Cllr Herman Mashaba, that was launched on the 30th of September 2017, aimed at active involvement in cleaning the streets within their own neighbourhoods. Our next clean up operation is as follows:

Date: 25 November 2017
Time: 9.00 to 11.00

Venue/Assembly Point: Corner of President Fouche and CR Swart, Northwold.

Parking: 4th Road, next to the Golden Harvest Village I, Northwold

Clean up area: Corner of President Fouche and CR Swart, Northwold


• Litter and waste strew across our City drive away investment and job creation as well create health risks.

• All citizens are responsible for their environment and should take pride in their surroundings.

• The City cannot be the only solution to the problem, be part of the change you want to see!


Cllr Dalu Cele
Ward 101
DA Jhb Regional Chairperson – Training and Development
S79 Group Corporate & Shared Services Committee

Cell: 0734468653
Facebook Page: Ward101 Residents Page
Twitter: @dalucele

August 2017 Newsletter Ward Cllr Dalu Cele
SAARP(South African Assn. of Retired Persons)

Important notice from the General Manager
December 2017
Circular 21 of 2017
Dear Residents,
This is our last Circular for 2017!!
Really hope that these circulars are full of information.

1. Thank You Box
We have residents each year who feel they would like to contribute to saying Thank You to all the staff on site. Therefor each year we have a Thank You Box at Reception.
If you would like to thank the staff for all their hard work during the year please use the box.
The Thank You contribution will be divided equally amongst all staff, Catering, Gardeners, Cleaners, Marty’s Maids, Maintenance and all the CSI Office Staff. You may only see the front office staff, but please think about the backroom staff working equally hard that make the wheels turn and who you never see, be it catering, gardeners, or cleaners on common property. The Thank You Box will be in Reception from 1st November until the 20th of December.
On behalf of all the Staff, a huge thank you to all the Residents.

2. Meal Donations
If there are any residents who wish to Donate their kitchen tokens over Christmas please let Reception know. We have a Christmas Day Lunch for those residents who are alone over this period. Last year we had a lovely lunch for around 60 residents. We are expecting the same amount this year if not more.
If you prefer to donate crackers for the tables that will also be appreciated.
If you know of someone in need on Christmas day please let Reception or Lesley in unit 23 know so that we can invite them for lunch.

3. Fidelity Security – Jack Moruti
We would like to inform all residents and owners that Jack Moruti has decided to join the Fidelity Team as of the 7th December 2017. We would like to welcome Jack back and wish him all the best at Olivedale and with Fidelity.

4. Telecoms – Office Talk
Just a reminder that the R50 line rental will take effect on your levy as of the 1st January 2018
Landline: Is R0.20 per minute from R0.60
Mobile: Is R0.79 per minutes from R1.43
International: International calls are charged depending on destination but will not exceed published Telkom rates.
All calls are per second billing.

5. Refuse Removal – Festive Period
D&S Maintenance Services will collect your bins on Wednesday 27 December from 7am to ensure the bins are put outside the property on time. Please ensure that your rubbish is placed outside in time.

6. Garden floor apartments
I have walked past a few Garden Floor apartments where the weeds are growing on the paving, on the lawn and in flower beds. This is for the Resident to keep neat and tidy. Please can I ask that you clean the weeds of your paving around your apartment and patio area?
You can hire a gardener at Reception at R40 an hour to assist you should you not be able to do it yourself.
Your assistance in this matter will be greatly appreciated. If no co-operation, I will have to address it personally with a possible fine of R500 to follow. We need to keep the building neat and tidy for everyone’s enjoyment.

7. Staff on premises
Dear owners, we have gone through all your files at reception to update our staff list of gardeners, cleaners and care workers working for individual owners. Please can we ask that if you have a new staff member that has not yet been registered to do so as soon as possible to avoid them being denied entrance.

8. Feeding of birds and picking up dog droppings
This is a plea to all residents in the apartments to please stop feeding the birds. We are receiving a tremendous amount of complaints from all the apartment blocks.
Can I suggest AGAIN that you put something shiny on your balcony in order to turn the birds away? This has worked on the balconies that have done that - for example a CD taken out of its holder.
The negligence of picking up dog droppings will result in a R500 fine.

9. Maintenance Work
John and Sam are getting extremely busy with residents asking them to do jobs inside their units. It was decided that work that takes less than 15 minutes like hanging a picture or moving something around in your unit or tuning your TV will not be charged for. If the work takes longer than 15minutes you will be charged accordingly. The fee will be R25 for every 15minutes. These jobs will only be done on a Thursday.
Emergency work like security, water and electricity will be done immediately

10. Remotes
We would like to ensure that we do not have random remotes flying around in the Village. Please can we ask that you please come to reception ASAP so that we can check your remote/s you have? If there is an owner who is not a resident here, please get it checked next time you are at the Village. All random remotes will be deleted from our system.
If this is not adhered to, you may find your remote one day not allowing you entrance.
This is a VERY serious matter as it affects every resident’s security.

11. Reception Office hours
Please remember that the Reception will be closed on all the public holidays before and
after Christmas and New Year. We have put up notices to inform you of those dates.
Please can I suggest that you buy an extra token for electricity so that you have a spare one during this time?
16 December CLOSED
23 December CLOSED
25 & 26 December CLOSED
30 December CLOSED
1 January CLOSED

Download full circular
Dining Room - 
Brunch every Saturday 10am to 1pm.

February Menu
RoyalMnandi Information Guide

Upcoming Talks and Events:
Mobility & Safety
Peter Murdoch
9 October
3pm in the Hall
All tickets/bookings with
Valerie Pearse, Unit 22/Ext 5144

Scheduled Activities:

Scrabble - Tuesday at 2:00pm
Dancing - Tuesday at 5pm
Bingo - Wednesday at 5:30pm
Afrikaanse Bybelstudie - Woensdae 3:30pm
Bible Study - Thursday at 10:00am
Bridge - Thursday at 2:00pm
Crafts - Thursday at 2:00pm
Film Show - Friday at 6:00pm

(click here to display details) Learn to dance! Church Service - Sunday at 9:30am
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