Olivedale Retirement Village

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Welcome to Olivedale Retirement Village!
Our website is an easy-to-use place of reference for all matters relating to living in the Village.
View the upcoming events to see what activities are scheduled.
You can also read the rules, find out what the different committees are doing and fill in online application or notification forms.
The various facilities and services available are also featured here.

Issue 10 (October) of our own Olive Branch Newsletter!
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September Crossword (click here - size 0.5mb)
Important Numbers (click here)

Emergency Numbers:

Service Number
Security (Main Gate) 5400/2005
Frail Care 5011/5010
Doctor 5495
Fire (Hunters Hill)
011 764 2666
Ambulance 10177
Olivedale Hospital 011 777 2000
SAARP(South African Assn. of Retired Persons)

Circulars are now available on the Owners Page

RoyalMnandi Dining Room - 
Brunch every Saturday 10am to 1pm.
October Menus RoyalMnandi Information Guide

Upcoming Talks and Events:
All tickets/bookings with
Valerie Pearse, Unit 22/Ext 5144

Scheduled Activities:

Scrabble - Tuesday at 2:00pm
Dancing - Tuesday at 5pm
Bingo - Wednesday at 5:30pm
Afrikaanse Bybelstudie - Woensdae 3:30pm
Bible Study - Thursday at 10:00am
Bridge - Thursday at 2:00pm
Crafts - Thursday at 2:00pm
Film Show - Friday at 6:00pm

(click here to display details) Learn to dance! Church Service - Sunday at 9:30am
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